Augmented Reality – WEHI AR

Augmented reality is an interactive experience adding layers of digital information such as videos, graphics and sound to our view of the real world.

Our 2020 Annual Report features images that come to life with augmented reality.

To experience this, open the 2020 Annual Report in your browser then follow the instructions below to install the WEHI AR app.

Unlocking the experience is easy

Step 1:

WEHI AR app iconSearch for the free WEHI AR app on the Apple App Store or Google Play, and download to your smartphone or tablet. Check the store for phone and OS requirements. If you downloaded a previous version of the app, you may need to update it.

Step 2:

Open the WEHI AR app and allow camera access. Note: The app cannot work without access to your smartphone’s camera. If permission is rejected or missed, you will need to grant access in your phone’s system preferences before you can use the app.

Step 3:

Hold your mobile device over the 2020 Annual Report cover image while the app is active and watch the cover image come to life.

Find more augmented reality images

Augmented reality phone symbol

There are additional augmented reality experiences embedded in images on pages 5, 22, 25 and 34.

Just look for the augmented reality symbol.


For further information please contact us at communityrelations@wehi.edu.au

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