Molecular Medicine

Molecular Medicine

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Researchers in the Molecular Medicine division are investigating how biological systems function and are controlled in normal and disease states.
With programs focused on blood cell production and function, epigenetics and cancer, our goal is to pinpoint molecular targets for disease diagnosis and treatment.

Health impact

Cancers: blood cancers, leukaemia

Immune disorders: allergy, asthma, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis

Other areas: developmental biology, epigenetics, personalised medicine, regenerative medicine, congenital disease, statistical modelling, software development

Division news

Division heads

Associate Professor Marnie Blewitt

Professor Doug Hilton

Laboratory heads

Dr Shalin Naik (jointly with Immunology division)

Associate Professor Matthew Ritchie

Dr Samir Taoudi (jointly with Cancer and Haematology division)

Professor Christine Wells (jointly with Cancer and Haematology division)

Division coordinators

Sonja Gustin

Fiona McGrath