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Liver infected with malaria
Infection of a human child via mosquito bite, through invasion of cellular tissues including the liver and blood.
Malaria parasite in the bloodstream
The complete malaria lifecycle, derived from scientific data sets, microscopy and published literature on the parasite's biology.
X inactivation process
X inactivation is a vital process that occurs in all DNA-containing cells of the female body. It is also an important research model and tool for studying...
Visualisation of mitochondria interior
This animation shows how the proton gradient across the mitochondrial membrane powers the ATP synthase enzyme to make ATP. 
Animation still of RNA transcription activation
Vitamin D from the sun’s rays can switch on all kinds of important processes in your body.
Visualisation of apoptosis signal transduction
Apoptosis molecular scissor proteins
Visualisation of a CSF receptor
CSF receptor
Visualisation of the replisome protein complex
'Bling DNA' requested by Björk
Visualisation of kinetochore protein structure
The kinetochore protein complex on a mitotic chromosome