Tony Papenfuss-Lab team

Tony Papenfuss-Lab team

My lab consists of bioinformaticians, mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists and computational biologists. Enquiries from people interested in undertaking a PhD in bioinformatics or computational biology are encouraged.
I also hold a joint appointment with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.


Matthew J Wakefield, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc (Hons) Melbourne PhD LaTrobe

Vincent Corbin, Postdoctoral Fellow, BS Florida MS PhD Montana

Alan Rubin, Postdoctoral Fellow, BS Pacific PhD Washington (joint with Speed Laboratory)

David Goode, Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc (Hons) Simon Fraser PhD Stanford

John Markham, Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow, BEEE Swinburne BSc (Hons) Melbourne PhD Melbourne

Ismael Vergara, Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc Chile MSc Chile PhD Simon Fraser

Jan Schroeder, Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Melbourne

Leon di Stefano, Research Assistant, BA Melbourne MSc Melbourne

Jocelyn Sietsma Penington, Research Assistant, BSc Deakin BSc(Hons) Monash DipEd Monash Grad Dip Bioinf RMIT

Gerry Tonkin-Hill, Research Assistant, BSc Melbourne MSc Melbourne

Daniel Cameron, PhD Student, BE(Hons) BSc Melbourne

Clea Grace, PhD student (Joint with Huang Laboratory), BSc(Hons) Sydney

Ehtesham Mofiz, PhD Student, BS Dhaka MSc Melbourne

Lachlan Mcintosh, Department of Mathematics and Statistics Masters Student, BSc Melbourne DipE Melbourne

Marek Cmero, Visiting PhD Student

Stefano Mangiola, Visiting PhD Student

Michela Mitchell, Visiting PhD Student

Maria Markovic, Administrative Officer, BA RMIT DipEd LaTrobe