Suzanne Cory-Lab team

Suzanne Cory-Lab team

Lab team

We interact closely with the Strasser and Herold laboratories in the institute’s Molecular Genetics of Cancer division.

Cassandra Vandenberg Senior Postdoctoral Fellow BSc(Hons) Otago, PhD Otago
Identifying pre-clinical cancer models that are dependent on A1 for initiation or survival.

Rebecca Bilardi Postdoctoral Fellow BBiolSci(Hons) LaTrobe, PhD LaTrobe
Investigating the role of BH3-only proteins in acute myeloid leukaemia development and treatment.

Natasha Anstee PhD Student BSc(Hons) Melbourne
Investigating the impact of over-expression of Mcl-1 on haemopoiesis and acute myeloid leukaemia

Mikara Robati Research Assistant BSc Waikato