Professor Suzanne Cory

Professor Suzanne Cory



Suzanne Cory



BSc Melb PhD Cantab Hon DSc Syd Hon DSc Oxon FAA FRS

Laboratory Head

My laboratory investigates the role of different genetic changes in the development of leukemia and lymphoma. We also examine how these changes influence the response of cancer cells to chemotherapy.

Research interest

We study leukaemogenesis, with a particular focus on Myc, a potent oncoprotein, and the Bcl-2 family of proteins, which control cell life and death. We are also using these models to test more effective modalities of anti-cancer therapy.

BH3-only proteins initiate cell death by apoptosis in response to diverse cytotoxic signals.  They act by binding avidly anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins such as Bcl-2, neutralising their ability to promote cell survival. Certain BH3-only proteins, including Bim, also trigger direct activation of the apoptosis effector proteins, Bax and Bak. We have previously demonstrated that Bim is a potent suppressor of B-cell leukaemia induced by overexpression of Myc.

Agents called BH3 mimetics have been developed, which block the action of specific pro-survival Bcl-2 family proteins. We showed that a combination of a BH3 mimetic with low dose chemotherapy is highly efficacious in vivo against aggressive lymphomas that express high levels of Bcl-2 and myc.

Suzanne Cory in lab with team

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Suzanne Cory

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