Drew Berry-Achievements

Drew Berry-Achievements


Recognition and awards

2016 Honorary Doctor of Technology, Linköping University, Sweden

2010 MacArthur Fellowship 

2010 New York Times “If there is a Steven Spielberg of molecular animation, it is probably Drew Berry.” 

2008 The New Yorker “[Drew Berry’s] animations are astonishingly beautiful”

2009 American Scientist "The admirers of Drew Berry, at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Australia, talk about him the way Cellini talked about Michelangelo."

2008 - 2009 Niche Prize, Nature journal

2005 Emmy for DNA documentary series by Windfall Films

2004 BAFTA award for DNA Interactive DVD by RGB Co

Highlight Exhibitions and Productions

2014 Virus one billion times at the State Library of Victoria, White Night Melbourne festival

2011–2014 E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth iPad interactive textbook of biology, North Carolina 

2014 Apple Distinguished Educator keynote presentation, San Diego 

2013 Pixar University invited speaker, San Francisco

2013 and 2014 Vivid Festival Vivid Ideas speaker, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

2012 TED talk top ten "Jaw Dropping” presentation

2012Apple Inc invited speaker, Cupertino

2012 Google SciFoo, San Francisco

2010 Björk 'Hollow' music video

2010-2013 Björk's Biophilia interactive album and stage show

2009–2010 University of Geneva’s Genome Dome exhibition, Switzerland

2008–2009 Guggenheim Genes and Jazz with Harold Varmus, New York

2008–2009 The Royal Institution of Great Britain installation, London 

2006 Zendai Museum of Modern Art Strange Attractors exhibition, Shanghai

2004–2005 Museum of Modern Art Premieres exhibition, New York 

2003–2004 ACMI Transfigure exhibition, Melbourne 

2002–2003 DNA documentary series, Windfall Films and Channel 4, London 

Super Content: 
Image of mosquito generated by WEHI.TV

Drew Berry shows how beautiful 3D animations can be used to communicate advanced biology concepts

Animation image of DNA strands

Music video from Biophilia, 2011, animated by Drew Berry