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This article featured in Illuminate Newsletter Spring ‘23
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In the heart of our community, young scientific leaders are propelling medical research towards a brighter future, guided by the Strathmore Community Bank Scholarships.

Since 2012, the Strathmore Community Bank, a franchisee of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd, has supported 29 exceptional WEHI students, nurturing five honours students and three PhD candidates this year alone.

The Strathmore Community Bank Scholarships offer crucial financial support and encouragement to those who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements and community leadership.

Chairman Peter Brown explains: “In times like these, supporting organisations such as WEHI becomes even more crucial.

“These partnerships become a beacon of hope, guiding us towards solving pressing global medical issues like immune health and cancer. It fills us with pride to support such dedicated teams as they pursue these goals.”

Nurturing community

The bank contributes to various local groups, highlighting their commitment to nurturing a thriving community. The talented students they support are vital members of WEHI’s research teams, investigating critical medical questions.

The 2023 Strathmore Community Bank Scholarship awardees are: Ash Kerr, Bailey Williams, Mengxiao Luo, Rebekka Krishtul, Rhiannon Fettes, Sarah Holper and Serena Kane. The students are exploring solutions
to diseases including immune disorders, viral infections, cancer and dementia.

Sarah Holper says: “Receiving the Strathmore Community Bank Scholarship is an honour. I commend the bank for recognising the importance of community service, outreach and engagement.”

Aligned with the ethos of the scholarship, Sarah emphasises the importance of fostering a strong sense of community, embracing diversity and persevering.

For Sarah, these values intertwine with her outreach activities, which she considers essential in bridging the gap between research and our community.

Today, we celebrate the Strathmore Community Bank’s generosity. Together, we embrace the power of collaboration and stand united in our dedication to improving lives through discoveries for humanity.

Header image L-R: Mengxiao Luo, Rhiannon Fettes, Serena Kane, Ash Kerr, Bailey Williams, Rebekka Kirshtul and Sarah Holper

First published on 13 September 2023
This article featured in Illuminate Newsletter Spring ‘23
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