Dr Paula Cevaal – Doherty Institute

22/07/2024 1:00 pm - 22/07/2024 2:00 pm
Davis Auditorium

WEHI Special ID2 Seminar hosted by Jan Schafer


Dr Paula Cevaal

Research Fellow – Lewin Laboratory, Infectious Diseases, Doherty Institute


Leveraging mRNA and lipid nanoparticle technology to develop a cure for HIV


Davis Auditorium
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Paula Cevaal is a post-doctoral scientist in the laboratory of Prof. Sharon Lewin at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She received her MSc training at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, working amongst others with Prof. Linda-Gail Bekker (UCT, South Africa) on TB/HIV-coinfections. She then spent a year doing youth advocacy work at AIDS2018, after which she completed a PhD under joint supervision of Prof. Sharon Lewin and Prof. Frank Caruso – a world leader in nanotechnology. Working in this interface of translational virology and materials science, she focused on developing non-viral vectors that could efficiently deliver therapeutics to primary CD4+ T cells. She has extensive skills in assessing and quantifying nanoparticle-T cell interactions. Specifically, she led a new line of research pioneering lipid nanoparticles for the delivery of mRNA-based latency-reversing agents to the latent HIV reservoir. The overarching goal of her work is to further gene editing-related strategies to the clinic. She furthermore continues to build her experience in science communication through work with ICASO and was an invited speaker at Australia’s annual science outreach festival. 


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