Dr Graeme Lancaster – Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

19/04/2024 12:00 pm - 19/04/2024 1:00 pm
Davis Auditorium

WEHI Special Inflammation Seminar hosted by Professor John Silke

Dr Graeme Lancaster BSc(hons) | MSc | PhD, University of Birmingham, UK

Senior Scientist, Haematopoiesis and Leukocyte Biology, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute


A lipid atlas of human and mouse immune cells provides insights into ferroptosis susceptibility


Davis Auditorium

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Including Q&A session



I study how lipids impact the function of immune cells. Much of my previous work has focused on how certain types of lipids are able to induce inflammation in macrophages and the consequences of such activation on metabolic disease.


My current work seeks to understand at the global level the lipid landscape of the immune system and how differences in the abundance of specific lipids in distinct immune cell types influences immune cell function. We use a number of approaches to address these topics, these include in vitro and in vivo animal models, mass-spectrometry based lipidomics (in collaboration with Peter Meikle, also at the Baker Institute), and computational biology (in collaboration with Dr Peter Bond at the A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute).


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