Dr Anthony Beckhouse – Illumina

11/06/2024 2:00 pm - 11/06/2024 3:00 pm
Davis Auditorium

Genomics Technical Seminar hosted by Dr Sam Olechnowicz

Dr Anthony Beckhouse

Manager, Regional Platforms Marketing (AMEA), Illumina


The Illumina Technology Roadmap


Davis Auditorium

Join via TEAMS

Including Q&A session

Followed by refreshments sponsored by Illumina


Join us as we discuss our newest products and technologies. We will share our innovations across:


• Density and cost – how we are increasing the output and improving cost across our NGS platforms.

• Speed – XLEAP-SBS™ is faster, higher quality, and more robust.

• Accuracy and completeness – XLEAP-SBS™ and DRAGEN™ secondary analysis enables Q40+ data quality with improved  genome coverage.

• Workflow and lab operations – simplifying automated analyses and interpretation as well as ambient shipping and storage.

• Expanded content to increase biological information – Illumina Protein Prep solution, our NGS based solution for deeper insights into the proteome.


All welcome!

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