Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships

Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships

Researchers using a computer
Would you like to gain experience working in a leading medical research institute?

Our Vacation Scholarships enable outstanding undergraduate students to train alongside scientists tackling important questions in medical research. Scholars will be able to build their practical and theoretical knowledge of medical biology and become familiar with the scope of career opportunities in the sector.

What will I do?

Vacation scholars will be placed within one of our world-respected research teams at our Parkville campus. Training in a variety of research fields is available, depending on the scholar’s interests.

Scholars may be assigned a small research project to undertake with supervision, or may assist a researcher as part of a larger project. Scholars will also be able to attend Institute seminars to broaden their scientific knowledge.

Scholarships pay a stipend of $400 per week for a maximum period of 6 weeks full time, or part time equivalent. For students with employment or other commitments, part-time arrangements can be negotiated.


Vacation scholars must have completed at least one year of a relevant university degree. Scholars must be currently enrolled in a full-time university degree to apply; this excludes students who have recently completed third year and will be starting Honours.

Scholars will be required to submit a short report at the conclusion of their scholarship that may be used by the Institute for future promotions.

How to apply

  1. Browse information about the diseases we research and our research fields and decide on the areas that interest you
  2. Contact laboratory heads whose research interests match yours to discuss opportunities for a Vacation Scholarship
  3. Submit all application materials by email to: scholarships@wehi.edu.au with the words “Vacation student scholarship” in the subject line.
    Material required are as follows:
  • A cover letter expressing (1) the education benefits you expect to receive as a result of participating in our Vacation Scholarship scheme; (2) your preferred laboratory and why its field of research interests you
  • Your current academic transcript
  • A brief resume that includes details of your gender and whether you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island origin (unless you would prefer not to). This information is requested so that we can evaluate the diversity of the applicants for our Vacation Scholarship scheme.

Application deadline: 1 December 2016

At the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute we strive to ensure all our staff and students enjoy a great working environment. We value diversity and gender equity in our work force and promote flexible working arrangements for staff to balance working requirements and personal needs.


Scholarship applications and other enquiries, including about eligibility should be sent to:

Tawanda Whata
People and Culture
Phone: +61 3 9345 2603
Email: scholarships@wehi.edu.au


Professor Doug Hilton pictured with three Metcalf Scholars

Our inaugural Metcalf Scholars received scholarships to spend some of their undergraduate year working with research teams in the laboratory.