Honours and Masters scholarship

Alan W Harris Scholarship

All Honours students at WEHI will be awarded the Alan W Harris Scholarship. Masters students who undertake research at WEHI and have an H2A or above academic standard in their previous year may also be eligible for the Alan W Harris Scholarship.

The award carries an allowance of $5000 in total, paid to students on a fortnightly basis while undertaking the course.

Dr Alan Harris research and career

The scholarship is named in honour of cell biologist Dr Alan Harris (1938-2006), who was the first to establish continuously growing lines of antibody producing cells. One of his lines was later used in the landmark development of monoclonal antibodies.

During his 36-year research career at WEHI, Dr Harris made singular contributions in the fields of genetics, immunology, cancer biology and histopathology.

He had a particular rapport with students and young scientists, building their confidence and earning their lifelong respect, affection and gratitude.


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