Clinician-scientist training

Clinician-scientist training

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WEHI offers a range of training opportunities for clinicians and medical students to develop skills in medical research.

Clinician-scientists are key members of our multidisciplinary research teams. Their first-hand clinical expertise enables clinician-scientists to identify important questions that can be addressed by research; and within the laboratory clinician-scientists drive research towards better detection, prevention and treatment of diseases.

Close links to the clinic, and support from WEHI’s Clinical Translation Centre, enable clinician-scientists to oversee the translation of WEHI’s research from the laboratory to the clinic.

Clinician-scientist training opportunities

We encourage medical students and clinicians at all levels of their career to consider research training at WEHI, which is the University of Melbourne’s Department of Medical Biology. Opportunities for training include short-term placements as well as programs such as clinician PhD studies.

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Opportunities for medical students

Medical Student Vacation Scholarships: WEHI offers paid research placements for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. Learn more.

If you are interested in other research placement opportunities at WEHI during your Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB BS) course please contact our Scientific Education Office. WEHI has hosted medical students from a number of Australian and international universities who have undertaken research placements as part of their course. This includes the following University of Melbourne programs:

  • MD Research Skills
    WEHI accepts students studying an MD at the University of Melbourne who would like to consider conducting their MD Research Skills 2 (MDRS) with a WEHI supervisor.  This is a component of the Doctor of Medicine year 3 course in lieu of the MD Research Project. Learn more.

  • Master of Clinical Research
    The Master of Clinical Research Course is currently open to University of Melbourne medical students as a one-year course during their MD studies . If you are interested in opportunities at WEHI we encourage you to contact the Clinical Translation Centre to discuss possibilities.

Clinician PhD studies

A PhD is the highest level of research training degree. Clinician PhD students at WEHI undertake original research projects, with support from leading researchers, clinician-scientist mentors and the Clinical Translation Centre.

Learn more about WEHI's clinician PhD program.

MACH Track

MACH-Track is a new program organised by the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health, in which WEHI is a partner. It allows promising recent medical graduates to integrate career development in research, including PhD studies, with completion of postgraduate specialist or generalist training.

Learn more about MACH-Track or contact WEHI’s Clinical Translation Centre for more information.

Clinician postdoctoral placements

Clinicians with a PhD can undertake postdoctoral research at WEHI. Please apply directly to laboratory heads in your area of interest, or contact the Clinical Translation Centre to discuss your opportunities.

Benefits of clinician scientist training at WEHI

WEHI offers specific programs for clinician scientists to support their professional develoment and career progression. These include mentoring, career advice and support for maintaining thieir clinical involvement.

Clinician mentoring

All incoming medical students and clinicians are offered the opportunity to join the WEHI clinician mentor program. Generally, a new clinician PhD student will be paired with a mentor who is a final year clinician PhD student or postdoc of a similar discipline. Group peer support sessions for all clinician students are also offered to provide guidance, support and networking opportunities.

Clinical session support

To support clinician PhD students and postdocs remaining clinically engaged during their research tenure, WEHI offers clinician session support to selected applicants when other funding options are not available. This scheme considers the value offered to the applicant and their host laboratory from the proposed clinical engagements. Please contact the Clinical Translation Centre to discuss this opportunity.


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Researcher in the laboratory

Learn about Andrew's experiences as a clinician PhD student researching iron supplementation in Bangladesh.

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The COVID PROFILE study will use blood samples from people who have recovered from COVID-19, and their close contacts, to look in detail at how immunity to the disease develops, how long it lasts and what happens when immunity is lost. 

Venetoclax trial participants

Professor Andrew Roberts and collaborators have shown that patients with an advanced form of leukaemia can achieve complete remission with a novel tablet treatment.