Colman Speed Honours Award

The Colman Speed Honours Award is presented each year to our top Honours student.

Professor Peter Colman and Professor Terry Speed

The Colman Speed Honours Award is named after Professor Peter Colman and Professor Terry Speed.

Both Professors Colman and Speed are leading senior scientists in their fields. They have made significant contributions to the fields of structural biology and bioinformatics respectively. Both Professor Colman and Professor Speed completed Bachelor of Science degrees with Honours at university, as our Honours students do today.

The Colman Speed Honours Award includes a specially-commissioned engraved bronze medal created by Melbourne sculptor Michael Meszaros.

Colman Speed Award winners

2023 Reet Bhandari

2022 Krishneel Prasad

2021 Pailene Lim and Vanessa Cincotta

2020 Kathleen Zeglinski

2019 Huon Wong

2018 Sarah Garnish and Maggie Potts

2017 Joy Liu

2016 Miles Horton

2015 Catia Pierotti

2014 Jonathan Bernardini

2013 Michael Erlichster

2012 Eamon Byrne

2011 Matthew Witkowski

2010 Hannah Vanyai

2009 Jamie Gearing

2008 David Riglar

2007 Laura Watkins

2006 Bilal Sheikh

2005 Lei Shong Lau

2004 Kylie Greig

2003 Anna Proietto

2002 Catherine Carmichael

2001 Joanne Eyles

2000 Marina Carpinelli

1999 Joanna Groom

1998 Marta Brysha

1997 Lynette Buckmaster

1996 Rachel Burt

1995 Anne Johnston

1994 Roslyn Clark

1993 Jane Andrews

1992 David Charlesworth and Bethwyn McGregor

1991 Justin Rubio

1990 Linda Richards

1988 Ann Turnley

1987 Katherine Kelly

1986 Douglas Hilton

1985 Heidi Brown

1984 Warren Alexander

1981 Dianne Barker

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