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Membership of the Institute is at the invitation of the board. Membership is extended to individuals who have made a contribution to the Institute and wish to continue their involvement.

Our members include former board and committee members, former scientific and administrative staff, scientific collaborators and our long-standing and generous supporters.

Membership provides the Institute with an opportunity to recognise our valued supporters, advocates and alumni.

Members of the Institute

to 31 December 2015

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

The University of Melbourne

Dr Susan Alberti AC

Professor Emeritus Robin Anders

Professor James Angus AO

Mr Donald Argus AC

Mrs Ann Bates

Mr Robert Bates

Mr Lance Bauer – Trustee, The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

Professor Claude Bernard

Mr Marc Besen AC

Dr Gytha Betheras

Associate Professor Rufus Black

Dr Peter Brennan

Mr Malcolm Broomhead

Professor Graham Brown AM

Mrs Rosalind Brown

Mrs Beverley Brownstein

Dr Gerard Brownstein

Mr Ian Brumby

Mr John Brumby

Dr Margaret Brumby AM

Professor Tony Burgess AC

Professor Christopher Burrell AO

Professor Robert Burton

Mr Greg Camm

Dr David Campbell

Mr Terry Campbell AO

Mrs Gill Carter

Mr Pat Cashin

Mr Alan (John) Chatterton AM – Chariman, The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

Lady Susannah Clarke

Mr James Clegg – Trustee, the Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

Professor Gordon Clunie

Mr Glenn Corke

Dr Andrew Cuthbertson

Mr John Dahlsen

Mr Stephen Daley

Mrs Annette Davis

Mr Leon Davis AO

Dr Simon de Burgh

Professor David de Kretser AC

Professor John Denton

Mrs Elizabeth Dexter

Mr Mick Dexter

Mr Angelo Di Grazia

Mrs Helen Diamond

Ms Melda Donnelly

Professor Ashley Dunn

Mr John Dyson

Mr Garry Emery

Dr Peter Eng

Mr Robert Evans

Mr Michael Fitzpatrick

Professor Richard Fox

Mrs Nolene Fraser

Dr Andrew Gearing

Professor David Gearing

Mrs Julie Gearing

Mrs Janet Gilbertson

Mr Peter Gilbertson

Ms Rose Gilder

Professor James Goding

Dr Gareth Goodier

Associate Professor Nicholas Gough

Mrs Andrea Gowers

Mr John Grace

Mrs Maureen Grant

Mr Tony Gray

Mr John Greig

Sir Andrew Grimwade CBE

Mrs Anne Grindrod

Mrs Jean Hadges

Col Tom Hall CVO OBE

Professor Emanuela Handman

Mr Harry Hearn AM

Mrs Jane Hemstritch

Professor David Hill AO

Dr Margaret Holmes

Dr Margo Honeyman

Dr Thomas Hurley AO OBE

Mr Darvell Hutchinson AM

Mr Jon Isaacs - Trustee, The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

Mr Murray Jeffs

Ms Helen Kennan

Mr Rowan Kennedy

Professor Emeritus Frank Larkins AM

Professor Richard Larkins AO

Mrs Belinda Lawson

Mr Gary Liddell

Professor Emeritus Ian Mackay AM

Mrs Avis Macphee AM

Ms Eve Mahlab AO

Mrs Robyn Male

Mr Roger Male

Mrs Lorrie Mandel

Ms Nerissa Mapes

Mr Barrie Marshall

Mr John Marshall

Mrs Josephine Marshall

Professor Ray Martin AO

Professor Emeritus Thomas Martin AO

Mr Erich Mayer AM

Mrs Netta McCarthy AO

Dr Neville McCarthy AO

Professor James McCluskey

Professor John McKenzie AM

Professor Frederick Mendelsohn AO

Mrs Johanna Metcalf

Mrs Josephine Metcalf

Ms Kate Metcalf

Ms Mary Ann Metcalf

Professor Jacques Miller AC

Professor John Mills AO

Mr Robert Minter – Trustee, The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

Professor Christina Mitchell

Dr Graham Mitchell AO

Dr Judith Mitchell

Mr Barry Moore

Mr Terry Moran AC

Mrs Barbara Morgan

Mr Hugh Morgan AC

Dr George Morstyn

Mr Bob Munro

Mr Tony Murphy

Ms Linda Nicholls AO

Dr Leslie Norins

Mrs Rainey Norins

Mr Colin North

Lady Lyn Nossal

Mr Tom O’Brien AM

Ms Maureen O'Keefe

Mr David Owens

Sir Arvi Parbo AC

Professor David Penington AC

Professor Roger Pepperell

Mr David Percival

Professor Emeritus Jim Pittard AM

Lady Primrose Potter AC

Mr John Prescott AC

Mrs Edith Qualtrough

Professor Peter Rathjen

Ms Kate Redwood AM

Mr John Reid AO

Mr Dieter Rinke

Associate Professor Ken Roberts AM

Mr Michael Robinson AO

Ms Linda Rodger

Mrs Mary Rodger

Mrs Margaret Ross AM

Mr Fergus Ryan

Professor Graeme Ryan AC

Mr Colin Sakinofsky

Professor Nicholas Samaras

Mrs Pam Sargood

Professor Carl Schedvin

Ms Carol Schwartz AM

Dr Roland Scollay

Mr Andrew Scott

Professor John Scott AO

Dr Paul Scown

Mrs Sam Sharman

Mrs Lousje Skala

Mr Steven Skala AO

Professor Stephen Smith

Mr Jack Smorgon AO

Mr Robert Smorgon AM

Ms Linda Sorrell

Ms Pauline Speedy

Miss Ann Sprague

Mr Geoffrey Stewardson

Dr John Stocker AO

Ms Jennifer Strangward

Mr John Stratton

Ms Helen Sykes

Ms Jenny Tatchell

Mr Bruce Teele

Mrs Cheryl Thomas

Mr Chris Thomas

Mr John Walker QC

Mr Stanley Wallis AC

Ms Catherine Walter AM

Mr John Walter

Mr John Warburton

Mr Robert Warren

Ms Marion Webster OAM

Mr Kevin Weight

Professor Richard Wettenhall

Dr Senga Whittingham

Mr David Williamson

Professor Robert Williamson AO

Professor Ingrid Winship

Mr Peter Worcester

Mr Robert Wylie

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