Doug Hilton in China to sign four-way MOU at Nanjing University

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has today announced plans to establish a translational research centre in Nanjing, following the signing of an MOU between the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, University of Melbourne, Cancer Trials Australia and China’s Nanjing University.


22 September 2016
Dr Alex Delbridge

Understanding how and why damaged cells develop into cancers is the focus of recently published research by Walter and Eliza Hall Institute scientists.

21 September 2016
Emma Nolan working in the lab

PhD student Ms Emma Nolan has been awarded the inaugural Professor Joseph Sambrook PhD Student or Postdoctoral Fellow Award, supported by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, for her research into a potential new approach to preventing breast cancer in at-risk women.

16 September 2016
A Prof Mike Lawrence and Dr John Menting

New research has found that venom extracted from a species of marine cone snail could hold the key to developing ‘ultra-fast-acting’ insulins, leading to more efficient therapies for diabetes management.

13 September 2016
Profile photo of Associate Professor Paul Cooper

A rare opportunity for a personal update on news and activities at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is available for New York City-based alumni.

7 September 2016
Coeliac research team members

The gluten-free diets of Australians with coeliac disease will be scrutinised through two studies being undertaken at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

6 September 2016
Dr Anne Rios in her office

Dr Anne Rios has been announced as the winner of the 2016 Centenary Institute Medical Innovation Awards Neil Lawrence Prize.

2 September 2016
Biomedical breakthroughs signage

The history and achievements of medical research in Melbourne have been showcased in the new Melbourne Museum Biomedical breakthroughs: a new view of you exhibition.

2 September 2016
Researchers with prizes

Research leading to the development of a new anti-cancer drug has tonight been awarded the 2016 Johnson & Johnson Eureka Prize for Innovation in Medical Research.

31 August 2016
Attendees at the Fellowship announcement

Research into new therapies for patients with hard-to-treat lymphomas will be undertaken by Dr Mary Ann Anderson with the support of a three-year Gandel Philanthropy-Snowdome Foundation Fellowship.

24 August 2016