Tracking the spread of malaria in the Asia Pacific region (Masters option available)

Tracking the spread of malaria in the Asia Pacific region (Masters option available)

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Highly motivated individuals passionate about global health and infectious disease control are sought to join a team investigating the spread of malaria in countries that aim to eliminate the disease. 

Students will investigate transmission patterns and the dynamics of parasite populations under the pressure of antimalarial interventions. Genomic analyses will be applied to extensive collections of Plasmodium isolates from endemic countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The results will allow the development of approaches for real-time surveillance to track the spread of infections and emergence of drug resistance, including testing portable sequencing technologies in the field. 

Students will become proficient in molecular biology, genetic epidemiology, Next Generation Sequencing, bioinformatics (Unix, R) and population genetic analyses. 


About our research group

Research in the Barry lab focuses on understanding the genomic diversity of natural malaria parasite populations to inform on transmission patterns, drug resistance, vaccines and the acquisition of immunity in the human host. We are interested in understanding the impact of malaria control and elimination and how to target interventions to have the greatest impact. We combine high quality field studies with state of the art genomic technologies to explore central questions in malaria genomic- and sero-epidemiology with direct relevance to global health. 

Professor Melanie Bahlo leads a bioinformatics research team that develops new data analysis approaches to understand infectious and inherited diseases. 

Expertise includes genetics, genomics (NGS), population genetics, serology (antibody studies), epidemiology, bioinformatics and biostatistics. The lab group works closely with other groups at the Institute, interstate and overseas including researchers at the Sanger Institute (UK), Broad Institute (USA) and field researchers in malaria endemic countries in the Asia Pacific. 



Professor Melanie Bahlo

Melanie Bahlo
Joint Division Head

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