Membrane transport studies

Membrane transport studies

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Ion currents across cell membranes are an essential part of electrical signaling in the mammalian central nervous system, as well as maintaining the function of cardiac, renal and other organs. There are many tens of genes encoding ion channels in humans, reflecting both functional diversity and a complex cellular interplay.

Conduction through selective ion channels is switched on in response to internal and external cues. Our goal is to derive, by careful comparison of structural and functional data, structural and mechanistic features that can be used to differentiate between different channels at an interventional level.

We have a few options for Honours projects examining the structure and function of ion channels and other membrane proteins.

About our research group 

The Gulbis laboratory is part of the Structural Biology division and has expertise in crystallography, membrane proteins, biochemical and biophysical methods. The group includes two PhD students and a senior postdoctoral scientist. 


Dr Jacqui Gulbis

Dr Jacqui Gulbis
Laboratory Head
Dr David Miller in the lab
Structural Biology division

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