Investigating the biology of lung cancer

Investigating the biology of lung cancer

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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. We study squamous cell carcinoma, a subtype of lung cancer for which treatment options have advanced little in recent years. A major goal of our research program is to obtain a better understanding of the genetic changes that underlie squamous cell carcinoma, with the aim of identifying new therapeutic strategies.

Recent large-scale sequencing studies have revealed new genes and pathways that are altered in human lung squamous cell carcinomas. This project will examine the role of one of these signal transduction pathways in lung cancer development.

Our laboratory uses a wide variety of experimental techniques, including pre-clinical models of lung cancer, tissue and tumour pathology, next-generation sequencing, molecular biology, cell culture, microscopy and flow cytometry.

About our research group

The Sutherland laboratory is embedded within the ACRF Stem Cells and Cancer division and has a strong background in in vivo models of lung cancer. We have made seminal contributions into the identification of the cell-of-origin of lung cancer and have a strong interest in understanding the role of the immune microenvironment on tumour development.

We collaborate widely, both within and outside of the institute, with lung cancer clinicians, chemical biologists, and immunologists. 




Dr Kate Sutherland

Kate Sutherland
Laboratory Head
Dr Sarah Best in the lab
ACRF Stem Cells and Cancer division

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