Interleukin-11 in gastrointestinal bacterial infections

Interleukin-11 in gastrointestinal bacterial infections

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We are interested in understanding how the communication between different cell populations, mediated by a cytokine called interleukin-11, contributes to the host response to bacterial infections in the gastrointestinal tract. 

In this project, we will use a gut bacterial infection model to mimic human disease, coupled to a suite of novel genetically modified laboratory models. State-of-the-art in vivo imaging will be used to monitor disease progression, which coupled to histopathological, flow cytometric and molecular analysis will allow us to better understand the host response. 

About our research group

The Putoczki laboratory is focused on understanding how cytokines influence in protection against infection and the growth and spread of cancer. This project will take advantage of the laboratory’s expertise in infections and immunology. The student will benefit from collaborations with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre  


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