Identifying proteome signatures of high grade glioma for precision medicine

Identifying proteome signatures of high grade glioma for precision medicine

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1600 Australians are diagnosed with primary brain cancer annually. Despite surgery and standard treatments, brain cancer has very poor outcomes. 

This project will use advanced mass spectrometry techniques and data analysis techniques to determine the breadth of molecular heterogeneity of high grade glioma. This will be the one of the first to determine the comprehensive proteome of primary glioblastoma tissue and derived cell lines, providing new, large scale insights into genomic and proteomic changes at time of surgery through to treatment response. This has the potential to accelerate individualised brain tumour diagnosis and treatment

The student will collaborate closely with Melbourne’s multi-disciplinary brain research group, Australia’s largest brain tumour academic centre comprising neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, neuro-pathologists, scientists, technicians, nurses and other researchers. 

About our research group

Our research group uses high-resolution mass spectrometry and quantitative proteomics techniques to address important biological questions relevant to human health. Recently we have begun implementing machine-learning algorithms into the various stages of our analysis with spectacular success. In particular, we are interested in developing the tools to detect novel diagnostic and prognostic markers we have compared disease-affected individuals with healthy controls and those with alternative diagnoses. We regularly collaborate with clinician-scientists, and operate at the interface of disease discovery and clinical diagnosis. Our laboratory consists of two post-doctoral scientists, two senior post-doctoral scientists (bioinformaticians) and two PhD students. 



Dr Andrew Webb

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Acting Division Head
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Royal Melbourne Hospital neurosurgery & University of Melbourne

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