Emerging role of pseudokinases in cancer

Emerging role of pseudokinases in cancer

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Pseudokinases – a family of proteins with inactive kinase domains – have recently emerged as crucial drivers of many cellular functions, orchestrating the regulation of kinase signaling complexes. Despite recent advances in the field, our understanding of how pseudokinases disseminate or coordinate kinase signal outputs remains largely elusive.

In this project we will use an integrated approach that includes targeted genome editing technologies, chemical biology and structural biology to unravel the biological function of critical pseudokinases in cancer

Our ultimate goal is to uncover controlled pseudokinase regulatory pathways and to develop molecular probes that specifically target pseudokinases in order to provide alternative therapeutic approaches to treat cancer.

Students with an interest in biochemistry, chemical biology, structural biology and cancer biology are encouraged to apply. 

Further reading: Murphy and Lucet, Biochem J. 2014 457(2):323-34

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The Lucet laboratory has a long-standing interest in uncovering the structure and function of kinases that play prominent roles in human diseases. We use protein crystallography, kinase biochemistry and assay development to identify small molecule inhibitors for drug development.


Dr Isabelle Lucet

Isabelle Lucet
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