Dysregulation of TNF expression in inflammatory diseases

Dysregulation of TNF expression in inflammatory diseases

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Tumour necrosis factor (TNF) is a major inflammatory mediator. Excessive levels of TNF are linked to many diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, heart valve disease and cancer

Our research is aimed at understanding how TNF expression is regulated, with the hope that we can use this knowledge to manipulate TNF expression for therapeutic purposes. We have identified post-transcriptional regulators of TNF expression (proteins that control the stability of TNF messenger RNA). 

This PhD project will investigate the role of these factors using in vitro and in vivo models, and a variety of cell and molecular biology techniques including CRISPR, FACS, next generation sequencing, tissue culture and protein chemistry. A keen interest in physiology, immunology and autoimmunity is required.

About our research group

Dr Philippe Bouillet has been in the Institute’s Molecular Genetics of Cancer division for 20 years and co-authored many high impact publications with co-supervisor Professor Andreas Strasser.  

The present focus of the Bouillet lab is to understand fundamental processes of inflammation and their deregulation in disease. TNF plays many functions in immunity, inflammation, cell proliferation and cell death, but its role in cancer remains ambiguous. Thus, we also investigate the influence of TNF-associated chronic inflammation on the development and the therapy of cancer. Facilities at the Instititute offer great opportunities to use the latest technologies and we will make every effort to let you express your creativity to make groundbreaking discoveries. 




Professor Andreas Strasser

Andreas Strasser
Joint Division Head

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