Deep profiling of blood cancers during targeted therapy

Deep profiling of blood cancers during targeted therapy

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Many of the current approaches to understanding how cancers evade treatment, such as cancer genomics, cannot resolve many of the molecular changes that engender resistance, which can occur at the level of individual malignant cells.

We will use a new technology, called mass cytometry, for high dimensional resolution of disease-relevant pathways in millions of individual cells taken from patients at various stages following targeted therapies. These data will be interrogated with a range of bioinformatic and computational approaches to identify cell states associated with drug resistance and rational approaches to overcoming relapse. 

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This project in the Gray laboratory is led by senior postdoctoral fellow Dr Charis Teh. It draws on funding from the Cancer Council of Victoria and Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, and key collaborations with other Institute researchers, clinicians and colleagues at Stanford University, US. 


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