Combining imaging and mathematics to understand immunity and cancer

Combining imaging and mathematics to understand immunity and cancer

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Imaging provides a powerful tool for observing biological processes in action. By directly visualising how immune cells and cancer cells grow, die, differentiate and migrate throughout the body we can understand the key mechanisms that lead to a dysfunctional immune system, onset of disease or possible new therapeutic interventions. 

Our lab has recently developed new approaches that facilitate long-term single cell imaging of immune cells and cancer cells in living organisms. We can watch these cells in their 'natural habitat' throughout healthy or auto-reactive immune response and development of cancer. We combine techniques including flow cytometry, transgenic disease models, molecular biology and imaging with mathematics, epigenetics and pharmacology to understand immunodeficiency, autoimmunity, blood cancers and solid cancers.


About our research group

The Hawkins group is a new laboratory within the Immunology division with Dr Hawkins having relocated from Imperial College London in 2015.

My research focuses on utilising quantitative analysis of in vitro data coupled with single cell imaging techniques to investigate immune cell responses, autoimmune disease and blood cancers. We have strong inter-institute, national and international collaborations.

We have a strong background in the proposed project with preliminary results recently published in Nature Communications (Waibel, Nature Communications, 2015 - 6:6838).


Dr Edwin Hawkins

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