Scott Berry - University of Zurich

Scott Berry - University of Zurich

Davis Auditorium
Start Time: 
Wed, 20/02/2019 - 1:00pm
End Time: 
Wed, 20/02/2019 - 2:00pm

​Understanding gene expression heterogeneity using high-throughput imaging

​Wednesday seminar hosted by Associate Professor Marnie Blewitt

Over the last few years, high-throughput microscopy in combination with automated image analysis has begun to be used to profile the phenotypes of single cells. In contrast to traditional molecular biology approaches that try to minimise heterogeneity, image-based approaches harness the full heterogeneity of cell populations. This provides quantitative information about the relationships between measured variables (e.g. cell-cycle-dependent protein localisation) and allows the study of phenotypes that exist only in particular cell states or population contexts (e.g. cell-crowding induced gene expression). I will discuss recent advances in high-throughput imaging and analysis, and describe how we are applying these approaches to understand variability in gene expression within genetically uniform populations of cells.

As an undergraduate, Scott studied Theoretical Physics and Biochemistry at the University of Adelaide and the University of Western Australia. He then moved to the John Innes Centre in Norwich, U.K. to complete a PhD combining experimental and mathematical approaches in Epigenetics, under the supervision of Caroline Dean and Martin Howard. Scott is now a Human Frontier Science Program Postdoctoral Fellow studying gene expression heterogeneity in mammalian cells in the lab of Lucas Pelkmans at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.