Consumer advisory panel

Consumer advisory panel

Consumer and two researchers

Our Consumer Advisory Panel has been established to better connect our research with community experiences of disease and consumer expectations.

In this context a consumer is a person who has been affected by a disease. They may have:

  • Experienced an illness or
  • Cared for someone with an illness

The Consumer Advisory Panel aims to involve medical, health and research consumers in our basic scientific research, and enable our researchers and consumers to form working relationships focused on research.

Over time, the involvement of consumers can influence basic research design and enhance translational research design within the Institute. Consumers may also provide a powerful voice for communication with our community about scientific issues, such as the imminent impact of genomic research on society.

Our Consumer Advisory Panel, chaired by Dr Judith Slocombe, advises the director and the head of Clinical Translation on the involvement of consumers in research. 

Pairing consumers with researchers

Consumers interested in working with medical researchers are invited to participate in our Consumer Buddy Program.   

As a consumer you can: 

  • Work with a researcher by contributing your life experience
  • Assist researchers with communicating their science in plain language
  • Provide insight into how their research can make a difference in the community
  • Become part of the Institute community with invitations to events and seminars

Consumer buddies meet with their researcher throughout the year for project updates.  

More information

To learn more about joining the Consumer Buddy Program, contact Katya Gray, Consumer Coordinator:

Tel: 03 9345 2981