Spatial single-cell CRISPR screening – All in one screen: Where? Who? What?

Project type

  • Honours
  • Masters by Coursework
  • PhD and Graduate Research Masters

Project details

WEHI is a leading institute in spatial-transcriptomics technologies with multiple spatial instruments available. In this project, we aim to combine spatial transcriptomics with single-cell pooled CRISPR screens. CRISPR screens are a powerful tool to elucidate the function of genes by removing or enhancing a gene and determining what happens to the cells.

The student will collaborate with 10X Genomics, Nanostring, and other laboratories to design and produce spatial-compatible CRISPR libraries. Further, single-cell RNA-sequencing methods will provide a tool to optimise constructs, broaden the applicability of the developed system and another layer of information by integrating with spatial data.

The potential outcome of this project has implications not only for CRISPR screening, but also other modalities, such as lineage tracing through unique cell barcodes.

About our research group

At the WEHI Advanced Genomics Facility, we have a dual focus. Firstly, we collaborate closely with researchers to provide advanced genomics support for their studies, including multi-omic single-cell and spatial genomics technologies. Additionally, we develop cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with biologists to address fundamental questions about basic biology and disease. We also evaluate the viability of new technologies and make them accessible to our colleagues.

As a member of the Research & Development program within the WEHI Advanced Genomics Facility, the student will be part of an exceptional team that includes postdocs and other students offering a unique opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of diseases studied at WEHI. Throughout their time, students will learn a diverse range of genomic techniques, experimental design and considerations when applying genomics technologies.

Education pathways