Dissecting inflammatory signalling during dysregulated dead cell clearance

Project type

  • PhD and Graduate Research Masters
  • Masters by Coursework
  • Honours


Project details

Phagocytosis of dead cells by macrophages is an anti-inflammatory process, which leads to the removal dead cells and the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Perturbations of dead cell removal, such as inefficient digestion of the dead cell cargo, result in auto-inflammatory and auto-immune conditions. The inflammatory signalling pathways that become activated when the engulfment or digestion process is disturbed remain poorly understood.
Students will apply advanced proteomic techniques, such as phosphoproteomics and spatial proteomics, alongside high-resolution microscopy and standard cell biology techniques, to identify crucial signaling events that contribute to the inflammatory response and present potential drug targets for inflammatory diseases.

About our research group

The Tanzer Lab is a dynamic and enthusiastic team that focusses on exploring the body’s response to dead cells within the context of inflammation by employing proteomic approaches, functional genetic screens, and a diverse array of cell biology techniques.
By joining the Tanzer lab, students will have the exceptional opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research and apply both global and targeted experimental methods to unravel the intricate mechanisms driving inflammation. This unique position will enable the student to contribute to advancements in the field, broaden their scientific expertise, and collaborate closely with a passionate team dedicated to understanding the complex interplay between cell death and inflammation.

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