Wei Shi-lab team

Wei Shi-lab team

Lab team

My team collaborates closely with the Smyth, NuttBelz, and Hodgkin laboratories to develop advanced bioinformatics algorithms and apply them to biological discoveries in areas of immunology and cancer.
Students with computer science or engineering backgrounds are welcome to apply. We also welcome applications from students who have a biological background but have strong interest in bioinformatics or genomics.


Yang Liao, Postdoctoral Fellow, BCompSc Tsinghua PhD Melbourne

Publication: Liao Y, Smyth GK and Shi W. The Subread aligner: fast, accurate and scalable read mapping by seed-and-vote. Nucleic Acids Research, 2013, 41(10):e108. PMID: 23558742

Yifang Hu, Software Engineer, BESoftEng BSc Melbourne

Ying Jin Tay, Masters Student, BBiomedSc(Hons) Melbourne

Lawson Wang-Wills, UROP student, BBSc Melbourne