Stephen Wilcox-Genomics Hub

Stephen Wilcox-Genomics Hub


Genomics Hub

The institute’s Genomics Hub houses next generation sequencing infrastructure. The instruments we provide include:

  • illumina MiSeq
  • NextSeq

Both instruments are useful for small scale experiments providing quick turnaround times for data generation.

The Genomics Hub also incorporates equipment required for generating libraries. This enables researchers to generate their own libraries for sequencing in the hub or with external facilities.

The major undertaking at the Hub in the past year is the increase in amplicon sequencing on the MiSeq instrument.  In this scenario, the O’Connor lab has devised adapters that can generate amplicon libraries from the following resources:

  • Cellecta mouse and human libraries
  • CRISPR mouse and human libraries
  • CRISPR human GECKO library