Mr Simon Monard

Mr Simon Monard



Mr Simon Monard in the laboratory



BSc (Hons) UCL MSc Kings College

Head of Flow Cytometry

I lead the Institute’s flow cytometry laboratory, providing key technology for the study of biological systems at the Institute.

Flow cytometric technology relies on tagging cells with up to 18 different fluorescent markers that can be distinguished by electronic detectors – similar to our eyes detecting different colours. 

Cell sorters are important instruments in flow cytometry laboratories. These can physically separate up to six different populations of cells simultaneously according to the markers on the cells. Cell sorters can identify and separate very rare populations of cells.

Separating cells of interest gives our scientists the opportunity to study a particular type of cell in isolation. This provides an immense boost to many aspects of the Institute’s research.

Research interest

Flow cytometry is a technically complex technology requiring some expertise to arrive at the optimal outcomes.

Our cell sorters are operated by experienced flow cytometry lab personnel, while the analysers can be used by many researchers. Our lab staff constantly strive to maintain and improve the performance of the instruments and the service provided to Institute staff and our colleagues within the Melbourne scientific community.

Flow cytometry lab personnel have various projects mostly focused on improving the performance of instruments, and developing novel assays to allow better outcomes for our researchers.