Dr Shereen Oon

Dr Shereen Oon



Shereen Oon



MBBS (Hons) BMedSc Melbourne FRACP

PhD Student


I am a rheumatologist researching the autoimmune disease lupus for my PhD studies. Lupus is a complex disease that causes damage to many organs. Many people with lupus are not able to adequately control their disease with current treatments, or experience toxic side effects from these treatments.

My research is looking into the factors that cause lupus. To do this I compare samples taken from people with lupus and healthy volunteers. My goal is to develop new safe and effective treatments for lupus.

Research interest

My current research project is focused on:

  • Improving understanding of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) pathogenesis.

  • Discovering novel biomarkers of disease and therapeutic efficacy.

  • Developing new therapeutic targets in SLE.

This is being achieved through analysis of biological samples donated by SLE patients and healthy volunteers. I collaborate closely with an industry partner and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Shereen Oon sitting at lab bench, pipetting

Dr Shereen Oon is a clinician completing a PhD with our Inflammation division. She describes her PhD research into lupus, day-to-day working in a lab, and the benefits of working at the institute.