Ms Samantha Ludolf

Ms Samantha Ludolf



Samantha Ludolf



BA(Hons) Lincoln MBA Melbourne

Deputy Director, Strategy and Operations

The Professional Services team supports our scientists to achieve good research outcomes. The team includes Finance, People and Culture, Information Technology Services, Communications and Marketing, Grants, Bioservices and Laboratory Operations.

The Chief Operations Office provides the Professional Services team with strategic leadership to implement best practice and continuous improvement. Our team provides services that make a difference for our community, locally and globally.

Working with the Professional Services teams, I am responsible for formulating strategies and budgets for approval by the Institute board. In addition, I coordinate the Professional Services’ operational strategies, including evaluation of support outcomes and management of associated resources and regulations, such as health and safety.

I have extensive experience in business planning and development, process system development and finance. I am passionate about working with people to achieve successful outcomes. My experience in leading teams spans industries including government, health, justice and business innovation. I have worked collaboratively in teams both here in Australia and internationally.

Leadership happens at every level of an organisation, good leadership can have a profound impact on people.

Photo of childcare centre building from the front

The Institute has built a 100-place early learning centre for families in our community.

Microscopy image of cells

Multi-disciplinary collaboration is a strength of the Institute. 

We are capitalising on this by focusing on a defined set of challenges aligned with five key themes.