Mr Michael Carolan

Mr Michael Carolan



Michael Carolan in the server room



BSc(Hons) ElecEng, MBA, FBCS

Chief Information Officer

Putting the digital needs of science first

The Information Technology Services team aims to implement innovative and cost effective mechanisms to support our scientists’ technological needs. 

The need for information technology support across all areas of the institute continues to grow in volume and significance. Scientific instruments are quickly accelerating to produce deeper analytics more rapidly, with data volumes expected to expand by an order of magnitude.

Collaboration between medical research institutes and universities continues to expand, with shared research, analysis and datasets. Cloud computing for data analysis is becoming more accepted as the demands for a more flexible high performance computing (HPC) environment that is scalable are realised. Demand for more digitally enabled business practices with connected internal datasets (such as, human resources, finance and procurement) is also growing to better support the research community.

Implementing initiatives

My previous role was Director of Enterprise Systems at the University of Melbourne where I led the review and implementation of a large program of business improvement initiatives across many enterprise wide systems in areas such as:

  • Research management
  • Student online services
  • Administration processes
  • Scholarly information services 

I have also been part of the management team that established the national research infrastructure shared service models such as VLSCI, Nectar and RDSI.