Dr Mary Ann Anderson

Dr Mary Ann Anderson



Dr Mary Ann Anderson in the lab


Mary Ann


Clinician scientist

I am a clinician scientist focusing on new treatments for leukaemia and lymphoma. I study potential anti-cancer agents that target proteins keep cancer cells alive. The long term goal is to develop better treatments for people with cancer, without the serious side effects of chemotherapy.

Research interest

Together with a wider team from the Institute and affiliated hospitals my work has pioneered the development of the drug venetoclax for the treatment of leukaemia and lymphoma. 

My current research focus is understanding why some patients do not respond as well or develop resistance to this drug. By identifying the reasons for ventoclax resistance I hope to be able to develop new techniques to prevent this occurring and facilitate better disease control for patients.

Animation still image

This two-part animation from WEHI.TV explains the type of programmed cell death called apoptosis, and how the anti-cancer drug venetoclax works by forcing susceptible cells into this process.

Three cancer researchers sitting outside

Researchers have identified a gene mutation that causes resistance to venetoclax in some patients with CLL.

The finding could help overcome drug resistance and improve treatment options.