Marco Herold-Publications

Marco Herold-Publications


Selected publications

  1. Schenk RL, Tuzlak S, Carrington E, Zhan Y, Heinzel S, Teh CE, Gray DHD, Tai L, Lew A, Villunger A, Strasser A, Herold MJ. Characterisation of mice lacking all functional isoforms of the pro-survival BCL-2 family member A1 reveals minor defects in the haematopoietic compartment. Cell Death Differ. 2017 Mar;24(3):534-545. PMID: 28085150
  2. Tuzlak  S, Schenk R, Vasanthakumar A, Preston S, Haschka MD, Zotos D, Kallies A, Strasser A, Villunger A, Herold MJ. The BCL-2 pro-survival protein A1 is dispensable for T cell homeostasis upon viral infection. Cell Death Differ. 2017 Mar;24(3):523-533. PMID: 28085151
  3. Rohrbeck L, Gong JN, Lee EF, Kueh AJ, Behren A, Tai L, Lessene G, Huang DCS, Fairlie WD, Strasser A, Herold MJ.  Hepatocyte growth factor renders BRAF mutant human melanoma cell lines resistant to PLX4032 by downregulating the pro-apoptotic BH3-only proteins PUMA and BIM. Cell Death Differ. 2016 23 12 2054-2062. PMID: 27689874
  4. Kotschy A, Szlavik Z, Murray J, Davidson J, Maragno AL, Le Toumelin-Braizat G, Chanrion M, Kelly GL, Gong JN, Moujalled DM, Bruno A, Csekei M, Paczal A, Szabo ZB, Sipos S, Radics G, Proszenyak A, Balint B, Ondi L, Blasko G, Robertson A, Surgenor A, Dukorno P, Chen I, Matassova N, Smith J, Pedder C, Graham C, Studeny A, Lysiak-Auvity G, Girard AM, Grave F, Segal D, Riffkin CD, Pomilio G, Galbraith LC, Aubrey BJ, Brennan MS, Herold MJ, Chang C, Guasconi G, Cauquil N, Melchiore F, Guigal-Stephan N, Lockhart B, Colland F, Hickman JA, Roberts AW, Huang DC, Wei AH, Strasser A, Lessene G, Geneste O. The MCL1 inhibitor S63845 is tolerable and effective in diverse cancer models. Nature 2016. 538 7626 477-482. PMID: 27760111
  5. Kueh AJ, Herold MJ. Using CRISPR/Cas9 Technology for Manipulating Cell Death Regulators. Methods Mol Biol, 2016;1419:253-64. PMID: 27108444
  6. Aubrey BJ, Kelly GL, Kueh AJ, Brennan MS, O'Connor L, Milla L, Wilcox S, Tai L, Strasser A, Herold MJ. An inducible lentiviral guide RNA platform enables the identification of tumor-essential genes and tumor-promoting mutations in vivo. Cell Rep, 2015. 10(8):1422-32. PMID: 25732831
  7. Kelly GL, Grabow S, Glaser SP, Fitzsimmons L, Aubrey BJ, Okamoto T, Valente LJ, Robati M, Tai L, Fairlie WD, Lee EF, Lindstrom MS, Wiman KG, Huang DC, Bouillet P, Rowe M, Rickinson AB, Herold MJ*, Strasser A*. Targeting of MCL-1 kills MYC-driven mouse and human lymphomas even when they bear mutations in p53. Genes Dev. 2014 Jan 1;28(1):58-70. PMID: 24395247
  8. Herold MJ, Rohrbeck L, Lang MJ, Grumont R, Gerondakis S, Tai L, Bouillet P, Kaufmann T, Strasser A. Foxo-mediated Bim transcription is dispensable for the apoptosis of hematopoietic cells that is mediated by this BH3-only protein. EMBO Rep. 2013 Nov;14(11):992-8. PMID: 24060902
  9. Ottina E, Grespi F, Tischner D, Soratroi C, Geley S, Ploner A, Reichardt HM, Villunger A, Herold MJ. Targeting antiapoptotic A1/Bfl-1 by in vivo RNAi reveals multiple roles in leukocyte development in mice. Blood. 2012 Jun 21;119(25):6032-42. PMID: 22581448
  10. Herold MJ, van den Brandt J, Seibler J, Reichardt HM. Inducible and reversible gene silencing by stable integration of an shRNA-encoding lentivirus in transgenic rats. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Nov 25;105(47):18507-12. PMID: 19017805


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