Li Wu-Projects

Li Wu-Projects



The transcriptional control of the dendritic cell lineages

Dendritic cells (DCs) are essential to initiate protective T cell responses and form the front line defence against invading pathogens, whilst also preventing autoimmune disease. To provide this protection, different subsets of DCs have evolved that are specialised to exist in distinct locations and perform unique functions. The DC network is programmed by a group of transcription factors including PU.1 and Irf8 that control DC development and subset diversity.

This project will use mouse genetic models and high-throughput DNA sequencing technology to determine how PU.1 and Irf8 program DC diversity on a genomic scale. We will also examine the impact of PU.1 and Irf8 deficiency on DC responses to viral and bacterial infection, as well as the maintenance of immune tolerance.

Taken together this data will provide us with a comprehensive molecular description of the DC programming landscape and provide new therapeutic options for modulating DC subset frequency and function during normal and pathogenic immune responses.

This is a collaborative research project with Professor Stephen Nutt in Molecular Immunology division.