Dr Leigh Coultas

Dr Leigh Coultas



Dr Leigh Coultas at a microscope



BSc (Hons) Adelaide PhD Melbourne

Laboratory Head

My research group investigates the molecular regulation of blood vessel growth and development – a process termed angiogenesis.

Blood vessel networks are essential for distributing blood and nutrients throughout the body. As a tissue grows, its metabolic needs increase and the blood vessel network servicing this tissue must expand to meet these needs.

Angiogenesis expands the blood vessel network from just a few millimeters in length in early foetal life to an estimated 100,000 km in length by adulthood, demonstrating its importance in growing new blood vessels. Inappropriate angiogenic blood vessel growth can cause or contribute to diseases such as cancer, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.

Research interest

Endothelial cells line the inner surface of blood vessels and are the principle drivers of blood vessel growth during angiogenesis. My laboratory is interested in understanding at a molecular level how endothelial cells complete this highly complex process. 

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