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BA UniSA GradDipJourn USQ MA Deakin

Manager, Project Management Office

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations.

The Project Management Office (PMO) provides a structured approach, including governance, to delivering process efficiencies and organisational development aligned with the Institute’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020. I work with team project managers and executive management to ensure:

  • Identification and mitigation of risk
  • Effective use of resources
  • Value for money
  • Maximisation of benefits
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • Transparent and accountable processes

The PMO also delivers capability building for the Institute through:

  • Development of a performance focused project environment
  • Implementation of internal project management training and support network
  • Use of a project management methodology that aligns with our research partners

The Institute is currently implementing a number of projects that will:

  • Develop efficient solutions for our scientific teams
  • Build an effective community and environment
  • Expand our brand and funding sustainability
  • Establish dynamic system platforms


I am an experienced project manager with the ability to deliver strategic projects and produce change through stakeholder engagement and strong communications.

In my previous position as the Institute’s Online and Internal Communications Manager, I have managed development of the award-winning Discovery Timeline website, the integrated website you are now reading, as well as the organisation’s intranet.

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