Name Division
Stan Balbata at his desk Mr Stan Balbata
Internal Auditor
Alyssa Barry in a laboratory Associate Professor Alyssa Barry
Laboratory Head
 Professor Gabrielle Belz in the lab Professor Gabrielle Belz
Laboratory Head
Dr Drew Berry with animation behind Dr Drew Berry
Biomedical Animations Manager, WEHI.TV
Marnie Blewitt Associate Professor Marnie Blewitt
Joint Division Head
Associate Professor Justin Boddey in the lab Associate Professor Justin Boddey
Laboratory Head
Dr Philippe Bouillet in the lab Dr Philippe Bouillet
Laboratory Head
Keely Bumsted O'Brien Dr Keely Bumsted O'Brien
Head, Scientific Education Office
Professor Tony Burgess Professor Tony Burgess
Laboratory Head
Dr Melissa Call in a laboratory Dr Melissa Call
Laboratory Head