Jerry Adams-Lab team

Jerry Adams-Lab team


My group collaborates closely with the laboratories of Professor Peter Colman and Associate Professor Peter Czabotar in the Structural Biology division, and with those of Associate Professor Ruth Kluck, Associate Professor Marco Herold and Professor Andreas Strasser in the Blood Cells and Blood Cancer division.
Our primary interest is in the basic mechanisms that control cell death and the interactions within the BCL-2 protein family that regulate apoptosis.

Michael Dengler, Postdoctoral Fellow, MSc Stuttgart PhD Tübingen
Project: How Bax is activated to drive apoptosis
Key publication: Dengler MA, Weilbacher A, Gutekunst M, Staiger AM, Vöhringer MC, Horn H, Ott G, Aulitzky WE, van der Kuip H. Discrepant NOXA (PMAIP1) transcript and NOXA protein levels: a potential Achilles' heel in mantle cell lymphoma. Cell Death Dis. 2014; Jan 23;5:e1013. PMID: 24457957.

Max Tailler, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc Bordeaux MSc Bordeaux PhD Gustave Roussy
Project: Influence of cell metabolism on the sensitivity of BH3 mimetics
Key Publication: Ah-Cann C, Tailler M, Kueh AJ, Herold MJ, Opferman JT, Asselin-Labat ML, Bouillet P. Male sterility in Mcl-1-flox mice is not due to enhanced Mcl1 protein stability. Cell Death Dis. 2016; Dec 1;7(12):e2490. PMID: 27906183

Bin Wang, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc PhD Beijing 
Project: Etemadi N, Chopin M, Anderton H, Tanzer MC, Rickard JA, Abeysekera W, Hall C, Spall SK, Wang B, Xiong Y, Hla T, Pitson SM, Bonder CS, Wong WW, Ernst M, Smyth GK, Vaux DL, Nutt SL, Nachbur U, Silke J. TRAF2 regulates TNF and NF-κB signalling to suppress apoptosis and skin inflammation independently of Sphingosine kinase 1. Elife. 2015; 23(4):e10592. PMID: 26701909

Leonie Gibson, Research Assistant, BAppSc RMIT