Dr Ian Street

Dr Ian Street



Dr Ian Street in his office



BSc (Hons) Sussex PhD University of British Columbia

Laboratory Head

My lab is focused on developing potential new anti-cancer agents, with a focus on preventing cancer recurrence. New cancer drugs are first tested in patients with advanced metastatic cancer where they inevitably have limited impact.  In recent years this practice has led to the approval of high-cost drugs with only limited medical benefit.  Thus the problem faced by oncologists and patients alike is a lack of effective strategies to treat metastatic disease. When used to treat early-stage cancers some drugs have realised far greater value.

Our goal is to develop new treatments for cancer that prevent recurrence. To do this we are developing new therapeutics that specifically target mechanisms that tumours use to escape treatment and recur.

Research interest

We work within the framework of the the Cancer Therapeutics CRC and the EMPathy Breast Cancer Network and provide expertise in high throughput screening and early drug discovery developing new molecules that target pathways critical for cancer recurrence. These include the molecular mechanisms that underpin cancer stem cell function, epithelial mesenchymal plasticity and tumour hereogeneity such as  

  • Epigenetic mechanisms of acquired resistance
  • Non-epigenetic pathways modulating epithelial mesenchymal plasticity
  • Interactions of cancer cells with the microenvironment
  • Systematic identification of effective combination therapies