Mr Ian Coulson

Mr Ian Coulson



Ian Coulson




Chief Financial Officer

The Finance team aims to ensure our scientists and professional services staff are provided with excellent budgetary strategies, performance reporting and financial advice. The team ensures the efficient operation of the institute’s payments, invoicing and banking activities. The team also includes specialists in grant accounting processes, tax, insurance, compliance and financial systems.

The team proactively addresses the business needs and financial analysis required through partnerships with our scientific and operational divisions.

The Finance team is also responsible for the planning, reviewing, reporting and oversight of the institute's overall financial position and performance, reporting through to the executive team and board of directors.

In my position of chief financial officer, I play a role in setting the strategic agenda, ensuring financial integrity, delivering financial reports and managing financial compliance and risk. I lead all financial activities including financial projections, financial review of activities and operations, as well as financial review of contracts and agreements. I provide financial control over the institute’s balance sheet, including optimising returns from our cash holdings and investment portfolio.

I have extensive experience in leading teams across the finance function, together with skills in general management, change initiatives, planning, financial reporting, risk management and business case management. I have previously worked for Save the Children Australia, National Australia Bank and a major chartered accounting firm.