Dr Gary Pitt

Dr Gary Pitt



Dr Gary Pitt



BSc Chemistry (Hons) Open, PhD Southampton

Program Manager, Drug Discovery Initiative

Focus: supporting early stage drug discovery

The drug discovery landscape is changing. The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly looking towards academia for basic biology and novel approaches which can be translated to the clinic.

The Drug Discovery Initiative aims to:

  • Make effective use of the Institute’s unique and complementary capabilities
  • Develop an environment that embraces drug discovery
  • Develop innovative therapies to address unmet medical need

My focus is to help researchers translate their basic biology to early stage drug discovery projects and beyond. I work across all divisions within the Institute to plan, coordinate and implement strategies in a collaborative model, to:

  • Discover chemical leads or probes to serve as a starting point, or enhance established areas of research
  • Translate basic biology through the drug discovery pipeline
  • Increase output of publications and intellectual property
  • Develop a drug discovery project portfolio

Research interest

The Drug Discovery Initiative builds on the Institute’s existing strengths in basic, translational and clinical research by expanding on our established high-throughput screening (HTS) capabilities.

The Drug Discovery Initiative team assists researchers translate their basic biology into a HTS-amenable array, provides early medicinal chemistry support to validate hits or investigate chemical probes and advises on future resource requirements.

Researchers and Health Minister with robotic equipment

The Australian Government has committed to $25 million in funding to enhance drug discovery capabilities at the Institute’s Drug Discovery Centre.