Ms Carolyn MacDonald

Ms Carolyn MacDonald



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BArts (Journalism) RMIT

Chief Operating Officer

I am a marketing and communications professional with 20 years’ experience across the broadcasting, digital media and publishing sectors.

In 2017, I joined the Institute from the ABC where I held a series of senior executive roles in marketing and communications, most recently leading the brand strategy for ABC News.

I enjoy strategic marketing, with a focus on complex and innovative discoveries, which are at the heart of what we do at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

Communications and Marketing team

The Communications and Marketing team works to showcase the Institute’s world class science and create opportunities for engagement with, and awareness of, the Institute and the medical research sector. My team supports the Institute’s scientists to tell their stories of discovery to local, national and global audiences, helping to make research and discoveries accessible to all of the community.

As part of the Institute's centenary celebrations, the Communications and Marketing team developed the Discovery Timeline website, showcasing 100 years of scientific achievement.

The website was a Gold Winner at the 2015 Melbourne Design Awards and the team received a commendation at the 2016 Public Relations Institute of Australia Golden Target Awards for their work on the project.

I am proud to lead a team of expert science communicators who showcase the Institute’s innovative medical research, which is improving health outcomes through discovery, translation and education.

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Explore the Institute's 100 years of discoveries for humanity.

Follow the timelines, meet the people behind the science, and find out how we've changed Australian medical research.

Animation still showing cells changing

Our biomedical animation team explains the discoveries made by scientists through 3D animation.