Professor Benjamin Kile

Professor Benjamin Kile



Benjamin Kile



BSc LLB Monash BSc (Hons) PhD Melbourne

Joint Division Head


We are researching the molecules that underpin the formation and function of blood cells. Our major interests are:

  • The regulation of fundamental processes, such as cell death.
  • How these processes contribute to the development of leukaemia and inflammatory disease
  • Identifying new strategies to target these processes as treatments for diseases.

Research interest

My lab has a longstanding interest in haematopoiesis and cell death. We focus particularly on the megakaryocyte lineage, from stem cells through to platelets. Using primarily molecular approaches, we seek to understand the role of pathways such as apoptosis, pyroptosis and necroptosis in haematopoietic biology. This includes elucidating pathways at steady state, and in disease settings such as leukaemia and inflammatory disease. Our work extends to the development of new chemical probes to study cell death in the haematopoietic system and other tissues.

Our scientists have discovered how dying cells are hidden from the immune ‘police’ that patrol the body.