Researchers hope the findings could help reduce the industry’s high drug failure rate.

Researchers have boosted pioneering technology to show whether potential treatments are worth progressing into human trials, in a game-changing move that could dramatically reduce the high failure rates in drug discovery and development. 

24 May 2022
‘A 3D surface representation showing the inhibitor WM382 (in green) bound within the active site cleft of the pacman’s mouth, the plasmepsinX ( in grey). This event blocks the ability of plasmepsinX to process other parasite proteins required for the entry and exit of red blood cells.

Revolutionary 3D images have enabled researchers to understand how new anti-malaria compounds kill malaria parasites, paving the way for the next generation anti-malarial treatments. 

16 May 2022
Dr Paola Favuzza will spend a year at MMV in Switzerland as part of the fellowship

WEHI’s Dr Paola Favuzza has received an MTPConnect Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) fellowship, that will provide her with the vital industry experience required to turn basic scientific research into positive outcomes for patients. 

13 May 2022
Antibodies binding the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This research could help reduce the severity of viruses like COVID-19 in the future

A WEHI-led study has identified a new enzyme involved in controlling cell death, in findings that could lead to better treatment options for a range of inflammatory conditions, cancers and viruses.

12 May 2022
Stephanie Studniberg and Associate Professor Diana Hansen

WEHI researchers have made a crucial discovery about how asymptomatic malaria infections impact the body, informing potential strategies to control transmission and improve treatment outcomes. 

4 May 2022
New research could help identify babies at risk of brain bleeds

WEHI researchers have uncovered a new way to help identify babies and foetuses at high-risk of developing brain bleeds, paving the way for better early intervention.  

2 May 2022
Photograph of WEHI's Parkville campus with rainbow-coloured light display

Our institutes are passionate about equality and social justice and believe that LGBTQIA+ inclusion is our collective responsibility. Read our joint statement supporting transgender and gender diverse people.

29 April 2022
Professor Marc Pellegrini, Associate Professor Daniel Gray and Dr Charis Teh

WEHI researchers have found a way to supercharge immune cells that could enable them to clear disease and infections faster. 

14 April 2022
WEHI researchers photographed at the institute

WEHI has joined forces with the leading science and technology company Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany on a drug discovery campaign to find new cancer therapeutics. 


6 April 2022
Dr Andrew Keniry and Professor Marnie Blewitt

WEHI researchers have revealed how an ‘accordion effect’ is critical to switching off genes, in a study that transforms the fundamentals of what we know about gene silencing.    

5 April 2022