Researchers from successful round 4 applications from the NDDC

Four research projects have been awarded generous Australian Government subsidies to fast-track their discoveries into new medicines using the National Drug Discovery Centre (NDDC).

21 September 2021
Dr Michael Chopin sitting in front of piece of equipment, smiling at camera

WEHI researchers have made a surprise discovery about how immune ‘sentinel’ cells are maintained, which could have implications for drugs in development for treating cancer.

18 September 2021

Scientists have discovered an important cause of stroke occurring in the womb or just after birth, paving the way for new treatments.

13 September 2021

A study in rural Bangladesh has concluded that preventive iron treatment has no impact on young children’s development.

8 September 2021
Researcher smiling with sign saying "Merck"

An innovative partnership between WEHI and global biopharmaceutical company MSD is advancing research towards new medicines, and upskilling the Australian medical research workforce.

8 September 2021

Melbourne researchers have led a global collaboration to develop a simplified blood test that increases the overall screening efficiency for type 1 diabetes (T1D).

6 September 2021
 Side by side photos of Peter Czabotar and David Komander

The Australian Lead Identification Consortium has announced the completion of the purpose-built Australian Drug Discovery Library, which sees the relocation of more than 329,000 compounds to its new home at Compounds Australia.

3 September 2021
Animation still of oval-shaped organelle

The fundamental process of cellular respiration – how cells make energy – has been brought to life in a new series of biomedical animations created by, in partnership with HHMI Biointeractive, an initiative of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

4 August 2021
Two women sitting and smiling, looking at camera

WEHI researchers have made a discovery that could help more Australian women with ovarian cancer gain access to game-changing cancer treatments.

29 July 2021
Researcher smiling at camera

Advanced technologies have been used to solve a long-standing mystery about why some people develop serious illness when they are infected with the malaria parasite, while others carry the infection asymptomatically.

23 July 2021