NHMRC boost for better health

NHMRC boost for better health

Illuminate newsletter index page, March 2019
March 2019

Dr Sarah Best and Dr Kate Sutherland
(L-R) Dr Sarah Best and Dr Kate Sutherland each received
Project Grants for research into the detection and treatment
of lung cancer.

Institute researchers have received more than $21 million in National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant funding.

This boost is part of more than $39 million of NHMRC funding awarded to the Institute in 2018.

The new funding will support 26 research projects across a range of important health areas including cancer, immune disorders and infectious diseases.

Projects to receive support include:

  • The development of new anti-cancer therapies building on a recent Institute discovery of drugs that put cancer cells into permanent ‘sleep’;
  • Improving the detection of and therapies for lung cancer, a disease that causes 6000 deaths in Australia every year;
  • Advancing global efforts to eliminate malaria; and
  • The continuation of Australia’s largest ever stuttering study aiming to unravel the genetic causes of the speech disorder.

Institute director Professor Doug Hilton said the Institute was honoured to receive support from the NHMRC.

“We are honoured to receive funding support from the NHMRC, which comes from Australian tax payers. We promise to repay that support with improvements in health.”

The Institute is among the top 10 recipients of competitive NHMRC funding for medical research institutes and universities in 2018.

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